Cégep Heritage College is the only public, tuition-free, Anglophone CEGEP in Western Quebec. Our state-of-the-art facilities are located in Gatineau, just ten minutes from downtown Ottawa, in the heart of the National Capital Region, bordering scenic Gatineau Park. Founded as a college in 1988, it was first known as Heritage Campus, an English campus part of Cégep de l’Outaouais  from 1969 until 1988. 

We offer 2-year Pre-University programs that prepare you for further university studies, and 3-year Career programs for immediate entry into the labour force or further university studies. Both types of programs lead to a Diploma of College Studies (DEC). 

Our innovative Centre for Continuing Education offers 1-year programs leading to Attestations of College Studies (AEC), as well as evening and weekend courses.

We provide a rich experience for students both academically and socially. Our sports clubs, social clubs and various events allow you to learn things you may have never otherwise had the opportunity to discover you had a interest in.

Mission statement

The Heritage College mission

Heritage College is an English cégep proudly committed to your success through a diverse and innovative, community-driven learning experience.

The Heritage experience

Heritage College, a student-centered community, promotes academic excellence through a personal and supportive environment that recognizes the importance of continuous learning.

The Heritage promise

Heritage College graduates will:

  • respect human diversity
  • participate in their community
  • demonstrate leadership skills
  • value working with others
  • behave ethically
  • safeguard the environment.

Organizational structure



English-language college education in the Outaouais region began as an offshoot of the Cégep de Hull (the present Cégep de l’Outaouais) with an initial enrolment of seven students.


In the Fall of that year, the enrolment of 215 and was housed in separate quarters—a renovated bowling alley on Eddy Street in Hull. Enrolment continued to increase until it became necessary to move again—this time, to the renovated École Ste-Marie on Maisonneuve Boulevard, which included a gymnasium. Heritage Campus grew still larger until the Conseil d’administration of the Cégep de l'Outaouais, after re-assessing its involvement with English-language cégep education, recommended that Heritage be linked to Champlain Regional College. 


In September, with a student population of approximately 460, this burgeoning branch of the local French-language cégep became officially known as Heritage Campus—in recognition of the heritage building in which it was housed.


The Caldwell Committee established by Minister of Education, Camille Laurin, upheld this recommendation. The Minister, however, opted to introduce other structural and financial changes instead.


In January, Heritage Campus and its 650 students, moved again—to the newly-renovated school previously known as École secondaire Immaculée-Conception at 205 Laurier Street. This building included a gymnasium and laboratory facilities.


Dedicated involvement by the English-speaking community and Outaouais Alliance (now known as   the Regional Association of West Quebecers) working for the development and improvement of   English college education in this region resulted, in July, in the creation of a fully-autonomous. By this time, student enrolment had increased to the point that the existing College facilities were no longer adequate. Plans for expansion of the Laurier Street building were begun. It was soon apparent, however, that this proposal would not provide a long-term solution. Heritage College needed much larger, more modern facilities, and a permanent home. In the years that followed, a site for the construction of new facilities was found and approved. A comprehensive consultation process helped to shape the building plans and specifications to the unique needs of the College community, resulting in the completion of new permanent college campus facilities.


In October, with a student population of just over 900, the new Heritage College campus on Cité des Jeunes Boulevard was officially opened to the people of the Outaouais region.


In November, a new wing, housing the College gymnasium/physical education complex and Centre for Continuing Education, was inaugurated.


A new Heritage College visual corporate identity is developed. The curved shape of the first stroke of the “H” is a link to the past, while the curve in the second stroke of the “H” represents the promise of the future. The horizontal stroke of the “H” provides the connection between the two, depicting the transition and continuity offered by the present. The warm gray and the golden yellow serve to illustrate the transition between the past and the future, thus supporting the symbolism of the curves which form the “H.”


The visual corporate identity is updated to include the word cégep .


For the first time in its history, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) the College ends the winter semester completely online in order to enable students to finish their year.  A new responsive website is also launched.