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Ritesh Purran - CHEF OF THE YEAR (2014-15)



NOW, he is runner-up to become Chef of the Year for Eastern Canada region, from Quebec to Prince Edward Island.

Born in the tiny island of Mauritius, Ritesh Purran has been passionate about food all his life. Ritesh started cooking, commercially, with his mother at the age of 14. With exposure to a multi-cultural ethnic and culinary background, he has travelled and savoured food from over a dozen countries. He came to study Computer Engineering in Canada to fulfill his parents dream while dropping his dream of studying at l'École hôtelière de Lausanne, in Switzerland. However before you knew it, he was studying in Culinary Management.

Ritesh has been playing in kitchens around the Outaouais region since 2001. He worked his way up to the top of the culinary ladder while working with some famous chefs from the Food Network. He is often compared to Gordon Ramsay in a kitchen for his determination, temper and love of everything good and simple.

Always on the lookout for new trends and flavours, he is forever involved in a number of culinary adventures with friends, family, colleagues but more than ever with his students and with the "Rational Self Cooking Center". His new challenge as a full-time teacher at CEGEP Heritage College has given him the opportunity to look at food and cooking from a different angle: experimenting with food to bring out all the natural flavours without too much transformation.

His passion has brought him closer to many chefs around the region and he willingly shares his knowledge, tips and secrets with anyone. In his free time, he volunteers with the Canadian Culinary Federation Culinaire Canadienne (CCFCC). One of the "junior" members he mentored, won the Saputo National Junior member competition with a dish as simple as a Lobster Poutine and a Tobico Béarnaise sauce.

Ritesh's involvement at the community level as well as with CEGEP Heritage College was a great influence in his nomination. Together with his juniors from CEGEP Heritage College and other schools, he helped pull together the National Chef's conference which was held in June 2014 at the Palais des Congrès in Hull where there was a record attendance of Chefs from North America.

Join Ritesh in one of his ETHNIC Gourmet Culinary Adventures to share laughs, hands-on learning, tasting, words of wisdom and enjoy understanding how to cook your food magnificently.

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