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Professional and Personal Development

French as a Second Language – EMPLOI QUÉBEC

Course Descriptions

Course #2000EQ - Beginner level
Enabling adult learners to participate fully in the life of the francophone society, as much for personal as professional activities.

Specifically, this 600-hour FSL Beginner Immersion conversation course introduces students to basic grammar, vocabulary and conversation strategies for everyday interaction. Students are guided through a theme-based curriculum that presents them with common, useful language points. Students will receive extensive practice through fun, interactive activities that focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Because they are immersed in French 25 hours/week, students will acquire language skills quickly and thoroughly.

Learning Outcome:

By the end of the course, students will have greatly improved overall fluency. They will be comfortable communicating in everyday situations.

Course #3000EQ - Intermediate
This course aims to enable learners to communicate in French with ease, both verbally and in writing, for a professional reintegration. The learner will apply basic grammatical concepts of communication in everyday French.

Specifically, this 600-hour French as Second Language Conversation Immersion course is designed to help students improve their four French language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Build their fluency as they review grammar structures and learn new vocabulary and idioms.

This course is designed to allow students fuller participation in a wider variety of contexts. It encompasses the range of abilities required to function independently in most familiar situations of daily social, educational and work-related life experience, and in some predictable contexts. To build overall conversational fluency while reviewing grammar structure, learn new vocabulary and idioms. Because of the 25- hour/week immersion, self-confidence and improvement in communication skills are acquired at a very agreeable pace.