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Professional and Personal Development

ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Course Descriptions

1101 - Entrepreneurship, a real sport for the mind
Many different training and content are offered on the “know-how” of entrepreneurship but very few are available on the psychology and the mindset of the entrepreneur. Yet, we all agree that being an entrepreneur is not easy. As we all know, entrepreneurship is not a short term solution and is by no means easy. There will always be tough times. So it is essential to develop the right attitude, to be mentally tough and to be ready to overcome those obstacles. The success of the business depends mostly on those abilities. During this evening presentation, we will explain the program structure and answer your questions.

**Note: This program is not a typical course of how to launch a business. Module 3 is much more focused on the technical aspects and the know-how, the basis of this program is to develop a solid foundation within the participant (aspiring entrepreneur). This foundation consists of a good mental strength, a winning attitude and the right entrepreneurial reflexes. With these new skills, the future entrepreneur is well equipped to initiate and launch all kinds of project.

1102 - Module 1 - Soft Skills - Entrepreneur's Psychology - Prerequisite “Presentation & Registration Evening”
Entrepreneurs: the new wave! To be successful, it's essential to know yourself and develop the right mindset. After all, the foundation of the business is the entrepreneur himself and you must be psychologically and emotionally strong.

Learning outcome
At the completion of this course, you will recognize which type of entrepreneur you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and you will have developed a winning mentality. Moreover, you will feel confident in overcoming the challenges, view these as opportunities on the way to success. Finally, you will be convinced that entrepreneurship is a viable avenue for you.

1103 - Module 2 - Reasoning Skills - Entrepreneur's Mindset - Prerequisite Module 1
The right attitude and the ability to stay mentally strong (i.e soft skills) constitute the basic element for business success. That said, we must also think and act like an entrepreneur. The development of the entrepreneurial spirit must absolutely be strengthened in all of us. Again, this is a major flaw of the various training programs currently offered. They do not teach how to adopt an entrepreneurial philosophy, how to think like an entrepreneur and how to develop good business reflexes. In this module, you will learn all this.

Learning outcome
At the end of this course, you will understand how entrepreneurs think and how they make their decisions. You will realize what kind of reflexes must be developed to be successful in business and will understand how to do it on a continuous basis. You will also understand the importance of getting out of your comfort zone in order to have an impact and become a leader in your own way.

1104 - Module 3 - Know-How - Methodology and Procedures - Prerequisite Module 2
Once the right mindset is in place and you, the entrepreneur, have confirmed your interest for starting a business, it is time to put it in action. Often, the project seems so big that we don't know where to start. Being successful in the startup phase requires certain steps to be followed in a right order. This module, which will address the methodology of the business launch, is somehow the final step to realizing your entrepreneurial project.

Learning outcome
At the end of this course, you will have a clear idea of the steps required to turn your business idea into a real project. With proper methodology and simple steps to follow, you, the entrepreneur, can thus place your efforts at the right place and progress faster.