Restaurants Dining Room Service Techniques and Concepts
Menu Creation
Cost control of Food and Beverages
Food and Beverage Pairing
Health and Hygiene Principles: Facilitating MAPAQ* Training
Restaurant  Management Strategies
Beverage Serving Techniques
Implementing an Organized Service
Organizing, Planning and Executing an "à la carte" Service
Organizing, Planning and Executing a Buffet Service
Holiday Receptions: How to Host with Less Worries
Managing Labour Cost
Cuisine Classical French Cuisine for Enthusiasts
The Art of Pleasure: Valentines and Other Treats
Customizing Recipes
Hunters’ Specialty: Preparing Wild Game
World Cuisines: Basics of Swiss, Italian, French, etc.
The Art of Preparing Grand Meals on a Small Budget
BBQing: Marrying Marinades and the Grill
Fall Cuisine
Cooking with Beer
Cooking with Cheese
Cooking for 2
Introduction Do You Know Your Cheeses?
Learn How to Make Pasta
Baking Like a Greek with Phyllo
Learn How to Make Sushi

Wine Basics: An Introduction to Wine Tasting
Professional Service and Wine Pairing
The Great Wine Regions: Do You Know Your Wine?

* MAPAQ : Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec

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