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      I understand only a few words. I use a few learned words.
      If someone speaks to me very slowly or with a few very simple words, I understand:

      - greetings (Hello! How are you? Welcome!...)
      - simple instructions (Enter, Sign here...)
      - requests for simple information (name, country of origin,
             members of my family...
      I am sometimes able to correctly answer:

      - greetings (Good evening, Thank you, See you tomorrow...)
      - simple questions (first name, mother tongue, address,
             where is the bus station...
      - in response to instructions (Yes, Sir, Excuse-me!, OK,
             That's fine...
      I understand several simple sentences. I use simple sentences.
      If someone speaks to me clearly and slowly, I understand:

      - the subject of conversations that are relevant to my daily
             activities, work or leisure
      - simple questions about products or services (Which one?
             How much? When? Where?...
      - simple procedures that are explained to me step by step
             (directions to get somewhere, instructions, how
             to do something...)
      I am able to:

      - ask for products, services or help
      - accept or refuse something someone is trying to sell me
      - give simple information on my daily activities, work, leisure
      I understand the basics of a short conversation. I participate in short conversations.
      If someone speaks to me clearly and at a moderate pace, about concrete or practical subjects, I understand:

      - the most important points
      - the sequence (beginning, end, agreements,
      - the mood, attitudes or desires expressed
      - instructions given to carry out routine tasks
      I am able, with a little help to:

      - conclude or cancel arrangements (rental...)
      - express wishes, make suggestions or promises
      - state my needs, obligations, abilities
      - describe places, people past events, procedures
      I understand most conversations, oral presentations and accounts. I actively participate in conversatoins on topics that are concrete, technical or of general interest.
      If someone speaks to me clearly, normally and without interruption, I understand:

      - the connections between the facts, events, people or
             organizations mentioned (news stories, short media reports...)
      - the point of view of people sharing their feelings
             or opinions
      - instructions given to carry out common tasks
      I am able, without help to:

      - actively participate in a conversation (verify what I
             understand, restart the conversation, intervene in
             a conversation...
      - clearly tell events (correctly situating them in time)
      - make comparisons to explain my choices
      - formulate opinions and the reasoning behind them
      I am able to follow long and complex discussions or presentations. I effectively and confidently express myself in complex presentations or discussions.
      Even when someone speaks to me quickly (or sometimes uses unusual terms), I am able to:
      - understand almost all of the content:

      - of discussions on a wide variety of topics
      - of films, seminars, dramas, major news reports
      - of courses or special presentations
      - of extract the information I need, or
      - provide a detailed and structured report of:
      - the facts, events, ideas presented
      - the arguments developed
      I am able, in order to accomplish important tasks in my work or studies, to:

      - recount or summarize lectures, films, seminars, specialized
             broadcasts or report
      - make structured presentations:
      - present, illustrate, analyze and explain facts, events, ideas
             (examples and illustrations)
      - respond to questions, comments and objections in an
             appropriate manner
      - lead or influence discussions in my field of expertise or on
             various topics of general interest

      Adapted from Niveaux de compétence en français langue seconde pour les immigrants adultes and Canadian Language Benchmarks 2000

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