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Work Placement for Employers

Programs with Co-op / Work Placement

Hiring Process

Continuing Education students are available at various times throughout the year. Work placements lasting 375 or 495 hours.

Please contact Celina Fleury-Gow at 819-778-2270, ext 2804, if you wish to:

  • Find out when the next cohort will be available.
  • Discuss your employment needs.
  • Submit a work term offer to hire a student.
  • Receive information from the Coordinator on interested candidates.
  • Select an applicant(s) for interview.
  • Select your preferred candidate(s) and receive best match.
  • Sign a Work Agreement Contract outlining the objectives and conditions of
    the position.
  • Advise the student on their first day requirements (start time, location, sign in procedures etc).

The employer

  • Informs students about the organization’s rules and operating procedures.
  • Provides suitable production activities related to the program and profession.
  • Provides profession guidance and supervision in a suitable work space.
  • Liaise with the Coop coordinator regarding the placement
  • The employer completes the Work Placement Evaluation and returns it to the coordinator in the final week of the stage, and provides a record of the hours worked at the end of the placement.

Benefits to the Employer

Heritage College Continuing Education students receive a solid foundation of skills from their program of studies. In addition, they are prepared for professional and ethical conduct in the workplace and are fully prepared to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. They are trained to be effective at working individually as well as in a team. Employers truly value Continuing Education students’ maturity.

The benefits to employers are:

  • Get to know potential employees before hiring.
  • Lower recruitment costs.
  • Provide your trained employees with assistance.
  • Carry out projects that may otherwise remain in the planning stage.
  • Promote your organization.
  • Ensure high quality graduates for a changing marketplace.
  • Forge productive partnerships with education.

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For more information, please contact Celina Fleury-Gow at 819-778-2270, ext. 2804.