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Customized Training Solutions

Human Resources - M3i Supervision

Integrated Program for the Development of Human Resource Management Skills through a Focus on Daily Supervision

The 8 Essentials:

  • People and Their Motivations
  • Team and Its Behaviours
  • Role of the Leader/Coach
  • Efficient Day-to-Day Management
  • Delegating and Empowering
  • Communicating, Listening and Giving Feedback
  • Assessing Work Done
  • Managing Difficult Behaviours

The Enriched:

  • Team Profile Analysis
  • Making Appropriate Decisions
  • Transmitting Clear Instructions
  • Support in the Design of Improvement Plans
  • Stress Management

The Integral:

  • Holding Effective Meetings
  • Establishment of Objectives and Priorities
  • Implementation of a Customer-Oriented Approach
  • Conducting Productive Evaluation Meetings
  • Change Management


  • Stress Management
  • Managing with H.E.A.R.T
  • Managing persons on a daily basis
  • Integration

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