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Bilingual Office Administration

Course Descriptions

Microsoft Office Skills I
Students learn how to use the Microsoft Word application in an integrated approach within the business process. Students will produce a variety of business documents, using accepted business formats and careful proofreading.

Microsoft Office Skills II
This course expands students' knowledge of Microsoft Outlook and Word and introduces Microsoft Excel. Students will learn how to organize and customize Microsoft Outlook and use the advanced scheduling features of the program. Using Microsoft Word, students will create and format complex documents. Students will use Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets, including text, formulas, and charts.

Microsoft Office Skills III
This course will focus on advanced features of Microsoft Word and explore relational database concepts. Students will learn how to collaborate on a Word document with other users and integrate the various applications within the Microsoft Office suite. They will use the database features of Microsoft Excel to organize and summarize data and will use Microsoft Access to create a relational database, adding tables, forms, queries, and reports. Microsoft Office macros will be introduced during this course.

Computer Systems
This course provides office professionals with the knowledge and skills required to manage systems in the Windows office environment. Topics include basic troubleshooting, understanding peripherals, standard office equipment and providing user support. Adherence to company policies and practices is emphasized throughout the course.

Business Communications I
This course introduces students to the business communication foundation, communication challenges and the writing process and internal communication (reading, writing and verbal).

Business Communications II
Prerequisite: Business Communications I (412-P11-HR)
This course continues with the knowledge, skills and abilities introduced in Business Communication and introduces the student to developing speaking skills, business writing including: preparing agendas, recording minutes and action; external communication (reading, writing and verbal).

Management Skills
This course provides students with an introduction to the first level of management and the functions and responsibilities of supervisors. Students will examine the supervisory functions: planning, organizing, leading and controlling as well as motivating, disciplining and appraising employee performance.

In this course students are introduced to the broad areas of administrative office management, selecting office employees, training office employees, supervising office employees, arranging for domestic and international travel, meeting arrangements (agenda, minutes and action items) maintaining office and commercial records, and budgeting and cost control.

Interpersonal Communications
The primary objective of this course is to teach students about the effects of individual and group behaviour on organizational processes and outcomes. Throughout the course an emphasis is placed on learning about interpersonal skills such as: teamwork, leadership, group problem-solving/decision-making, resolving conflicts, motivating others and customer satisfaction skills.

Report Writing
This course serves to develop the skills required for office professionals to plan, write and edit formal and informal reports including formatting and proofreading. Types of reports include: informational reports, justification and recommendation reports, progress reports, and summary reports.

Orientation to the Workplace
This course is designed to provide the office professional with the necessary skills to enter and grow into the workplace. Emphasis is placed job search techniques, preparing a marketable resume, interviewing skills and the skills and techniques for entrance into their chosen career path and plans for career advancement.

Français de bureau I
Ce cours permet à l’apprenant d’acquérir des connaissances français langue seconde et vise à rendre l’apprenant capable de communiquer en français, dans un langage de bureau avec une certaine aisance à l’oral et à l’écrit. L’apprenant devra appliquer les notions grammaticales de la communication en français courant.

This course allows the student to acquire French second language skills. Its main objective is to enable the student to sustain short communication exchanges in written or oral forms in an office context. The student learns to use French grammar.

Français de bureau II
Prequisite: Français de bureau I (602-L11-HR)
Un cours qui vise à développer la communication écrite et orale chez l’élève, en mettant l’accent sur les éléments essentiels de la compréhension et de l’expression écrite. L'accent sera mis sur la technique de composition et la production de textes de bureau et des affaires.

The objective of this course is to develop oral and written communication skills by focusing on essential elements of speech and written form. Practical exercises will focus on written communication and text production. Topics include: a review of the past tense, a study of the imperfect tense, and oral and written practice of adjectives, direct object pronouns, and relative pronouns. Emphasis is placed on office and business vocabulary building.

Français de bureau III
Prequisite: Français de bureau II (602-L12-HR)
Ce cours présente les éléments plus ciblés du français écrit et oral, utilisés au bureau et dans le milieu des affaires: rédaction de divers types de lettre; Élaboration d’une procédure; Préparation et rédaction des documents relatifs à la réunion: avis de convocation; ordre du jour; compte rendu; procès-verbal.

This course introduces focused elements of written and oral French as used in the office and business environments including, writing of various letters, preparation and writing of meeting related documents such as: notice of meeting; agenda; minutes, etc.

Integrated Project
(Prerequisite: all courses in the program)
Students undertake a series of projects based on scenarios in a simulated company and complete tasks associated with each activity demonstrating the accomplishment of the competencies of the program. Tasks involve composing, editing and preparing documents in both official languages from verbal and written instructions. Tasks may include (but not limited to): international and domestic travel arrangements and claim for reimbursement; budget preparation and monitoring; document reading and producing instructions to their team in both official languages; business proposals and planning a domestic-out of town meeting. Supervising employees, arranging time and work schedules for team members. Emphasis is placed on accurate content, proofreading, time management, presentation of the projects, reading and interpreting instructions.

Work Placement
(Prerequisite: all courses in the program)
This course introduces the student to the reality of the new work relationship during a 495 hour work placement in a host organization. The student will continue to learn and practice the new knowledge, skills and abilities acquired in the program at the host organization.