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Agriculture Programs

Our ongoing programs meet one of the requirements of Quebec Farm Credit’s establishment grants and finance subsidies programs.

Our students have access to:

  • Société de Financement Agricole and Agriculture Ministry Advisory Services
  • Business practices and technologies approved by the Agriculture Ministry
  • Current changes in regulations governing the Quebec Agriculture Industry

Our programs:

Please note that our programs are offered in rotation.

You will learn:

  • the necessary skills to develop a full entrepreneurial potential
  • to make the required organizational choices to improve the efficiency of
    cattle production
  • to evaluate the development potential of a herd and replacement beef
  • to improve herd management in cattle production
  • to improve forage quality in cattle production
  • to identify one's training and development needs
  • to develop a beef cattle marketing plan, plan the financial development of an enterprise and improve the environment and work efficiency in beef
    cattle production.

For more information:

Agriculture courses are held at the PONTIAC CAMPUS, in Campbell's Bay, Quebec in the Fall and Winter semesters. Interested participants should contact Greg Graham.

The following site provides a listing of agricultural training programs by regions:

*The College reserves the right not to offer a program when there is an insufficient
  number of registrations or a lack of financing.