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Student Responsibilities

Co-op students are expected to:

  • conform to all the conditions and rules that apply to employees in the organization
  • exercise ethical and professional workplace conduct
  • maintain employer confidentiality
  • accept feedback and suggestions for improvement of their performance
  • participate in any scheduled work site visits
  • resolve problems or issues that may arise in a prompt, professional manner
  • advise the Co-op Coordinator of any unresolved issues that significantly disrupt their learning experience
  • commit to the placement for the entire duration
  • provide feedback to the Co-op Coordinator over the progression of their placement (workplace journal)
  • return to their studies following their last scheduled work placement to complete the requirements of the diploma
Eligibility Requirements

All students must meet the following requirements in order to participate in a co-op placement:

  • be registered as a full-time student in the program
  • meet the program co-op eligibility requirements and return to full-time studies after the co-op placement
  • be eligible to work in Canada**

**The student must be either a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or hold a valid work permit/VISA. Please note that some co-op positions may be open to Canadian Citizens only.

Contact the Co-op Coordinator for more information:

Please note: Every effort will be made to secure suitable placements for students. There is no guarantee, however, that all students will be successful in obtaining a work placement. Students are expected to fully participate in their own job search and ensure that all placements are validated by the Co-op Coordinator.

The Co-op Coordinator, with the approval of the program, can use discretionary measures regarding student admission to or refusal of a student work placement based on exceptional circumstances.

Co-op Procedure Overview

The following outlines how the co-op process works:

  • The Employer forwards job offers to the Co-op Coordinator.
  • The Co-op Coordinator directs suitable placements to eligible students.
  • The Student responds to work-term offers and actively searches for jobs on their own.
  • The student refers all potential work term offers to the Coordinator for approval.
  • The student forwards their application to the Co-op Coordinator (cover letter and resume saved as one document).
  • The Co-op Coordinator forwards the applications and student transcripts (upon request) to the employer.
  • The Co-op Coordinator organizes the interview process (either on site or at the College).
  • The employer advises the Coordinator which student(s) they wish to hire.
  • The student accepts a job offer and arranges their first day with the employer (start date, time, location, security pass/sign in procedure etc).
  • The Co-op Coordinator liaises with the employer and student for the duration of the placement and intervenes with respect to unresolved issues arising between the student and employer.
  • The employer provides a performance evaluation* to the student and College.
  • The student submits their co-op report at the end of their work term placement.
Co-op Fees

There is a $70 administration fee per placement for students who are eligible to go on co-op. This fee is applicable whether the student finds his/her own co-op placement or whether the College finds one for the student. This fee is used to offset the cost of administration to ensure that all co-op placements meet the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.

Students will be notified of the fee and payment deadline in April via Omnivox. Students who choose not to participate in a co-op will not be required to pay this fee. Once students are informed of their eligibility in January, they will need to notify the Co-op Coordinator of their intent to not participate in a co-op no later than the prescribed deadline.

For more information, please contact:

Alain Beauparlant
Co-op Coordinator
Room 128
T. 819-778-2270 x1280