Co-op Programs

Special Care Counselling

Special Care Counselling is a 3-year technical program designed to prepare students to become health technicians in a helping profession. Working as part of a health care team, Special Care Counselling technicians assist clients gain more autonomy as integrated members of society.

Special care counselling co-op students can work in a variety of settings, such as educational institutions (preschool to higher education), short and long-term care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, CLSCs, residences for the elderly, shelters, group homes, summer camps and other social services facilities. They can participate as an active member of a health care team with clients that have physical, mental, emotional and/or behavioral needs.

Student Skills and Competencies

Skills of First Year Students

Skills of Second Year Students

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Contact Information

Alain Beauparlant
Co-op Coordinator
T. 819-778-2270, Ext. 1280
F. 819-778-7364