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Co-op of the Year Awards:
2014 Recipients

Gabrielle Doucette-Poirier

Recipient of the 2014 Helen Smyth Memorial Co-op Student of the Year for a 1st Co-op

Gabrielle is a student in the Electronics and Information Technology program. She did her co-op at Communication Components Antennas Inc. She helped assemble cellular telephone antenna prototypes for clients across North America.

“During my co-op, I made both work and personal relationships that will follow me in my quest to discover my career path, and I would not be able to thank each of them enough in their efforts to ease me into the work environment and teach me the mechanics of my job.”

- Gabrielle Doucette-Poirier

“Within a few weeks, Gabrielle became very integrated into our assembly line and even replaced a contract employee who took a leave of absence. Gabrielle lightened up our assembly area with her happy, friendly manners and was liked by all.”

- Douglas Therrien, Product Manager

Casey Hynes

Recipient of the 2014 Helen Smyth Memorial Co-op Student of the Year for a 2nd Co-op

Casey is a student in the Computer Science program. He worked as a software developer at Versaterm Inc. He was able to produce a near complete technical solution in an area where one of their products was in need of software modernization.

“Most of all, what I have learned from this co-op experience is how many more possibilities are available if you allow yourself to reach out and grab them. The opportunity to succeed may not always present itself openly, so I took it upon myself to find it whenever I could.”

- Casey Hynes

“Throughout Casey's co-op term, he always carried himself in a professional, mature, and respectful manner that never gave way to the fact that he was a co-op student.”

- Patrick Chen, Supervisor