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Let's Celebrate our new Alumni Network at Cégep Heritage College!

Cégep Heritage College is a community-driven higher learning institution. Our independent status was achieved in 1988, thanks to the involvement of engaged employees, parents and students who believed in the benefits of an English Cégep in the Outaouais. We have grown from 7 students in 1969 to close to 1200 students in 2015.

Our alumni often credit Heritage for their success - from the academic excellence, to the varied sports and cultural activities, to the dedication of the staff and faculty who were instrumental in shaping their learning experience.

Our students are what our College is all about. They are unique and will forever be part of our Heritage Family. To lose track of graduates would be a huge loss. By participating in our alumni network, you will demonstrate pride, and will help increase Heritage College’s visibility, reputation and prestige. On September 30, 2015, we celebrated the growth of Heritage and the creation of our “new” Alumni Network. Keeping in close contact and recognizing alumni for their excellence, accomplishments and contributions is the best way we can cultivate our community together.

Our alumni network will:

  • Provide great networking and marketing opportunities;
  • Encourage co-op students in their field and help with student placement;
  • Network and expand your professional connections;
  • Offer opportunities to volunteer for lectures and get involved in industry led committees;
  • Provide a community venue to offer business discounts to alumni;
  • Encourage you to stay connected, engaged, informed and assist the next generation;
  • Get involved, help and support the Cégep Heritage College Foundation’s initiatives.
Online Alumni Registration Form
Heritage Alumni & Family Facebook group

As we wish to safeguard Heritage College’s high level learning experience for our future generations, it will take the participation of our loyal alumni, parents, former employees and friends in our Alumni Network and our Foundation to support and invest in our heritage. Our Foundation promotes initiatives that foster perseverance of college studies such as perseverance bursaries, enhanced student services and assistance, and invest in programs and initiatives which nurture increased self-esteem, encouragement and student engagement.

We are calling on your help to be our College and Foundation’s ambassadors and contribute, as you can. We hope you choose Heritage College Foundation as your registered charity of choice. Together, we will promote Heritage’s excellence while establishing a legacy of support, assistance and encouragement for our current students and for generations to come.

For more information, please contact:
325 Cité-des-Jeunes Boulevard, Room 107A
Gatineau QC J8Y 6T3
819-778-2270 x 2127