Aboriginal Education Council

Aboriginal Education Council Mandate

The Aboriginal Education Council was created to best serve the educational needs of the Aboriginal Students at Cégep Heritage College. The Council is comprised of representatives from the student body, Academic Services, Continuing Education, and Student Services at Cégep Heritage College and representatives from the local Aboriginal Community.

The intention of this partnership between our institution and the Aboriginal Community is to assist Aboriginal students in realizing their full educational potential in a milieu that supports aboriginal culture and traditions. This is accomplished by identifying and articulating priorities and services intended to support the admission, retention and graduation of Aboriginal students.

At Cégep Heritage College, aboriginal includes all indigenous peoples.

Who makes up the Council?

Cégep Heritage College Aboriginal Education Council membership comprises a minimum of three officially-appointed representatives (one per Aboriginal community), an elected representative of the Aboriginal students currently attending the College, and two non-voting members appointed by the Director General from the College personnel.