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Heritage Athletics Award Banquet

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Heritage Athletics

Awards Banquet
The Heritage Award banquet honors our sports teams and recognizes the students who, while dedicated to their education, were also dedicated to being part of our College’s athletic program. Finding a balance in this is challenging and rewarding, giving skills that can carry into all other avenues of life.

Below are a list of the 2016-2017 teams and awards winners

Women's Rugby

female rugby players
female rugby mvp

MVP - Brigitte Sauvé

This player's work ethic and commitment to her teammates and coaches is exemplary, always striving to improve and help her teammates out along the way. Her desire to learn and her level of maturity positively impacted her ability to communicate between her teammates and coaching staff. She reads the field well from her decision-making role, and as co-captain of our team she was instrumental in our successes both on and off the field. This year's women's rugby MVP is Brigitte Sauvé.

female rugby most improved

Most Improved - Brianne O'Gallagher-Roy

This player's versatility and openness to trying new positions and giving it her all were pivotal this season in the team's success. Put into a new position, this player became an important person on the field with her open field tackles, line out throws, and good field positioning to support her teammates. The team could not have done as well without her on the field, and her improvement in her new position should be commended. The women's rugby team is proud to present Brianne O'Gallagher-Roy with a MIP award.

female rugby most improved 2

Most Improved - Marissa Docherty

Out early in the season with a concussion, this player worked her way back and became a rock for our forward pack and in scrums, working hard and staying focused at every game and practice. Her consistency, work ethic, commitment, and her work rate on and off the field are all reasons she is being recognized as one of our Most Improved Players. The women's rugby team is proud to present Marissa Docherty with a MIP award

female rugby coachs award

Coach's Awards - Azalea Hughes

This player is a well-rounded player who is passionate, hardworking, committed, responsible and positive leadership skills. Put into a new decision-making position, this player took the added pressure in stride, communicating well with her teammates and coaches and becoming a pivotal player on the field. Always able to be counted on, this player is commended on her all-around positive influence on her team. This year's women's rugby coaches’ award goes to Azalea Hughes.

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Men's Rugby

male rugby players
male rugby mvp

MVP - Sebastien Dorzilme

Being one of the only veterans on the team, it was clear from day one that Sebastian was going to be the team leader. Sebastian led by both his character and his skill on the field. Sebastian was one of the leading scorers on the team and brought fear to the eyes of his opponents. Sebastian is our MVP.

male rugby most improved

Most Improved - Jérémie Palmier

Having never played rugby before, Jérémy started the season with no knowledge of the sport, but with his ability to learn quickly and his natural athleticism, Jérémy soon became one of the Hurricanes stand out players. Jérémy went from not knowing what rugby is to becoming one of the team’s leading tacklers. We hope that Jérémy will continue to play rugby and improve his skills.

male rugby rookie of the year

Rookie of the Year - Cameron Chartrand

In his 3rd year at Heritage, Cameron finally decided to come out to the rugby team for the first time. Starting at training camp you could see that Cameron's quickness was going to be a threat on the field. Cameron's best game came late in the season were he helped control the game while also showing us his extreme flexibility. We hope Cameron continues to play rugby and excel at the scrum half position.

male rugby coach award

Coach's Award - Oscar Périard

If there was one guy on the team that was willing to do whatever it takes for the coaches and his team it is Oscar. Having never player rugby before, Oscar was eager to learn and improved quickly through hard work. By the end of the season Oscar could be seen making bone crunching tackles and laying it all out on the field for his team. We hope Oscar will bring the same attitude to a university rugby team next year.

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Women's Soccer

female soccer players
female soccer mvp

MVP - Zoë Rogers

Zoë was a player that her coaches counted on to play at almost every position in each game. In spite of these varied responsibilities, Zoë led the entire league with 19 goals in 12 games. Not surprisingly, she was named to the league’s All-Star team. Perhaps even more impressive is Zoë’s commitment to training and academics.

female soccer rookie of the year

Rookie of the Year - Francesca Bellai

Franny is a fiercely competitive person who possesses incredible skill. Her athleticism and innate understanding of the game are exceptional. Even though she was in her rookie season, she was clearly one of the very strongest players in the league and was named as a league All-Star.

female soccer coach award

Coach's Award - Caelin Spencer

As the only player on the team with CEGEP soccer experience, the coaches relied on Caelin’s infectious enthusiasm for the game. Her tremendous skill and commitment will serve her well as she takes the next step in her soccer career. Caelin is expected to play University soccer next season and she is currently weighing options.

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Men's Soccer

male soccer players
male soccer mvp

MVP - Patrick Stewart

Patrick demonstrated leadership by example. Simple, determined, and a class act. Voted as RSEQ all star

male soccer coach award

Rookie of the Year - Aleska Gardijan

Orin demonstrated strong work ethic and was able to adapt to certain on field situations. Great future for Heritage College as he will only get better.

male soccer coach award

Coach's Award - Aleksa Gardijan

Canadian National water polo player (with no soccer experience) that took on great responsibility being a leader and a great goalkeeper. Thank you Aleksa and good luck representing Canada in water polo.

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Women's Basketball

female basketball players
female basketball awards

Rookie of the Year - Olivia Lamarche | Coach’s Award - Laura Agla | MVP - Ashley Proulx

Rookie of the Year
Entering her first season, this player made an immediate impact that lasted the entire season. A leader on the floor, she set the pace of play that often left opponents frustrated and in the dust. Averaging 14.5 points per game, she finished 6th in the league in scoring and was voted to this year's All-Star team. This year's Rookie of the Year Award goes to Olivia Lamarche.

Coaches Award
Never backing down from any challenge or role she was asked to fulfill, this player doesn't overwhelm you with her scoring, but leads by example by paying attention to the details of the game and doing all the things that lead to success on the court. She was often asked to log the most minutes on the court while being given the task of shutting down the opposition's best player, regardless of position. This year's Coaches' Award goes to Laura Agla.

Most Valuable Player
Making an impact from beyond the arc all season long, this player finished 2nd in the league in made 3-point field goals, 1st in scoring at 22.4 points per game and received the most coaches votes league-wide to be named to the All-Star team for the second year in a row. This year's Most Valuable Player Award goes to the team captain, Ashley Proulx.

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Men's Basketball

male basketball players
male basketball mvp

MVP - Calum Rodgers

As a first year player he led the team in points and assists. His outside shooting ability and excellent playmaking skills made him an invaluable member of the team. This year's MVP goes to Calum Rodgers.

male basketball coach award

Rookie of the Year - Thomas Rae

A dedicated team captain, Thomas Rae finished his third and final season with the Hurricanes as a steady force for the team. His toughness, work ethic and leadership made him such an important part of the team. This year coach’s award goes to Thomas Rae.

male basketball most improved

Most Improved - Cameron Buffitt

A hard-working and dedicated student of the game, He consistently showed steady growth throughout the year. When called upon he stepped up and served as an example of why commitment and coachability lead to improvement. This year's Most Improved Player goes to Cameron Buffitt

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Intramural Athletes of the Year

intramural athletes of the year

Intramural Athletes of the Year - Brianne O’Gallagher-Roy & Teryn Lamba-Daniel

The Female and Male Intramural Athlete of the Year Awards are given to students who have participated in a variety of intramural sports such as soccer, multi-sports, badminton, and volleyball. While enjoying a variety of sports they have demonstrated enthusiasm, commitment, determination and good sportsmanship.

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Athletes of the Year

athletes of the year

Athletes of the Year - Laura Agla & Calum Rodgers

The Male and Female athletes of the year have shown a high level of maturity, dedication and excellence in academics, fitness and athletics.

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Academic Merit Award

Special Academic Merit Award
The following students are to be congratulated as they maintained at least an 80% academic average during the winter and fall 2016 semester, while participating on an intercollegiate sports team.

Marissa Docherty - Commerce
Azalea Hughes - Social Science
Neal Fahey - Science
Patrick O'Connor - Science
Romario Umuganwa Nshuti - Social Science
Kenji Duggan - Science
Oscar Périard - Science
Brae Walker - Computer Science
Anna Boukina - Science
Chelsea Cléroux - Science
Alana Hennessy - New Media and Publication Design
Brianne O'Gallagher-Roy - Science
Brigitte Sauvé - Science
Chloé Teixeira - Science

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