Special Care Counselling

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Special Care Counselling is about enabling people to have a better quality of life. Special Care counsellors are health technicians in a helping profession. Working as part of a health care team, the Special Care counsellor is in the front line of dispensing the care to the client through an individualized clinical plan. Special Care counsellors apply the methods that assist the client in their development, adaptation and quality of life.

Special Care counsellors work in a variety of settings for persons who have physical, mental, emotional and/or behavioral needs. Counsellors enable their clients to gain more autonomy as they reintegrate society. Counsellors work with clients who are experiencing trauma through violence, physical or substance abuse, or accident. Counsellors also work in inclusive and special education where language and learning difficulties are addressed through a variety of techniques.

The Special Care counsellor is motivated by the engagement they have with their clients where positive improvements are sought. They nurture a professional and therapeutic relationship with their clients so as to enhance the client's autonomy within society.

Characteristics of the Special Care Cousellor
Teaching Approach and Co-Op Work Term

An experiential learning approach to Special Care counselling at Cégep Heritage College will offer students with opportunities to apply the theory and methods they learn into a handson practice through problem-based learning, practical workshops, fieldwork experience, and coop (Alternance Travail-Études) work in the field of study.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can work in a variety of settings, such as educational institutions (preschool to higher education), short and long-term care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, CLSCs, residences for the elderly, shelters, group homes, and other social services facilities.