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Pre-University Programs  
Liberal Arts

If you are curious about literature, drama, cinema, modern languages,
creative writing, art, art history, history, religion, and philosophy, this program
opens the door to all these disciplines.

Consult the program web site
Consult the course descriptions
This program is for you if you wish to pursue studies and/or careers in public administration, the arts, law, journalism, education, publishing, public relations and advertizing, etc.


If you are intrigued by scientific research and discoveries,
this program will leave no stone unturned.

Consult the program web site
Consult the course descriptions
This program is for you if you wish to pursue studies and / or careers in:
- Pure and Applied Science (agriculture, biology, computer science, forestry, mathematics,
  architecture, chemistry, engineering, geology, and physics)
- Health Science
(dentistry, medicine, nutrition, pharmacy, physiotherapy, dietetics, nursing,
  optometry, physical education, or veterinary science)

Social Science – General Profile and With Mathematics Profile

If you have a devouring curiosity about humanity, here is an exciting opportunity to learn more about human behaviour, social relationships and institutions.

Consult the program web site
Consult the course descriptions
With your Social Science diploma, you will have developed your research, writing and analytical skills, and will be well-prepared to pursue studies in anthropology, methodology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology.

Social Science - Commerce Profile

If you want challenge, variety and the freedom to excel, this program is for you.

Consult the program description
Consult the course descriptions
The choice of most Commerce graduates is to continue their studies at the university level. You may want to become a Certified Accountant, or do further studies in marketing, finance or human resources.

Visual Arts

If you are imaginitive and hard-working, this program is specifically designed
to let you achieve your artistic goals.

Consult the program descripton
Consult the course descriptions
This program is for you if you wish to pursue studies and/or careers in fine arts, animation, graphic design, photography, and art history.

  Diploma Components

Pre-university programs comprise four semesters (two years). All programs include two components - general education courses and program-specific courses.

The general education component is divided into three blocks:

  1. General education courses common to all programs, namely, three English (language of instruction) courses, one French (second language) course, two humanities/philosophy courses, and three physical education courses;
  2. General education courses specific to the chosen program, namely, one English (language of instruction), one French (second language), and one humanities/philosophy course;
  3. In most cases, two complementary courses, namely, courses outside the chosen program. (The Liberal Arts program is the only exception.)

The number of credits comprising the program-specific components varies from program to program. For more details, consult with an academic advisor by contacting Student Services.

  Diploma Requirements

English Exit Examination

In order to receive a diploma, students must have passed the English Exit Examination, which evaluates college-level reading, writing and critical thinking. To be eligible to write the exam, students must have passed two of the following English courses and be in the process of completing a third: 603-101-04; 603-102-04; 603-103-04.

For more information, visit the Ministerial Examination of College English Web site.

Program Exit Assessment

In order to receive a diploma, graduating students must successfully complete the Program Exit Assessment activity for their particular program of studies. More information is available from Academic Services.

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