Physical Education

Course Descriptions

Requirements for a diploma include three physical education courses.

At the college level, the three sets of objectives and standards in physical education continue the development of a healthy, active lifestyle, begun in secondary school. Students will be encouraged to take measures required to maintain or improve lifelong fitness habits.

The three sets of objectives and standards in physical education are incorporated into a learning sequence. The theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the first two sets is applied in the third.

109-101-MQ     1-1-1     1 cr.
Physical Education: Set 1
Physical Activity and Health

Physical activity and health is an introductory course that combines a variety of physical activities in order to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Stress management, motivational factors, weight management, and nutrition are some of the topics that complement the weekly activities. Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability in a fun-filled environment. The following activities may be offered: Soccer, Ultimate, Volleyball, Hockey, Ringette, Basketball, Lacrosse, Snowshoeing, Hiking, Cross country running, Rollerblading, Weight training, Circuit/Core training, Yoga, Pilates, Badminton, Flexibility, and Relaxation.

109-102-MQ    0-2-1     1 cr.
Physical Education: Set 2
Physical Activity and Effectiveness

The purpose of the second set is to encourage students to use a goal-oriented approach to improve the effectiveness of a physical activity whether it is a sport, corporal expression or an outdoor activity. After an initial assessment, students evaluate the physical activity in terms of their ability and attitudes; they set goals and try an approach aimed at improving their motor skills, their technique or their mastery of complex strategies. Finally, students are called upon to assess their progress.

Each of the following activities will be offered for a 15 week period.

Badminton involves the introduction of skills including serving, underhand and overhead strokes, rules and etiquette of the game and basic strategies of singles and doubles play.

Basketball involves an introduction to the fundamentals of passing and receiving, dribbling, shooting and basic team play both offensively and defensively. Rules and strategy will be covered.

Circuit/“Cross Fit” Training This course provides a great opportunity to work out with a group in a friendly setting, with motivating music, where everyone works to his/her own capacity. Workouts will consist of circuit type training based on a fixed amount of time, i.e. 10 exercises, 1 minute each and “cross fit” type training where a fixed amount of work is pre-established i.e., 8 exercises, 25 repetitions each. The resistance used will be of personal choice and/or body weight. Ultimately all workouts will provide both cardiovascular and muscular strength/endurance benefits, resulting in a very functional form of fitness.

Mind/Body/Fitness Students will experience a blend of disciplines such as pilates, meditation with movement and massage with various relaxation techniques. The course aims to increase cardiovascular and muscular strength while developing awareness of mind, body and spirit.

Outdoor Pursuits will allow students to experience the health advantages and adventure of outdoor based activities. Exercising in the outdoors boosts the immune system, increases cognitive function and motivation while lowering stress levels. Students will work towards building their muscular and cardiovascular endurance through a range of fitness training activities as well as building their skills and confidence in the outdoor environment.

Rock Climbing will introduce students to the safety and techniques of bouldering and top-rope climbing in an indoor gym. As a condensed course format, the class will be held as 10, 3 hour classes, 7 of which will be off campus at Altitude Gym on 35 Boulevard Saint-Raymond. The students will be responsible for their transportation to and from the gym. The students will work on their strength, technique, balance and endurance while working on goals that they will set for themselves.

Snow Sports involves learning the skills and strategies to comfortably use the winter environment to travel over snow and ice. Snow sports will include cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and skating in the Gatineau Park and surrounding facilities. Exercising in cold weather conditions requires an understanding of proper nutrition, safety management, cold weather injuries, and dressing techniques; all topics that are covered in the course. This course will be offered for three hours per week for 10 weeks. This is a true Canadian experience.

Soccer is a team sport that involves the use of both physical and mental skills. The class will focus on the fundamentals of team concepts, individual passing, shooting, ball control and fitness. Basic theoretical knowledge of game play and rules will also be covered.

Team Sports focuses on the progression of fundamental skills, relevant to individual sports and broad sport concepts. Team Sports is comprised of three different activities each lasting five weeks, to be determined by the individual teacher. Three of the following sports could be offered: Soccer, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee.

Volleyball will include the fundamentals of serving, serve reception, volleying, spiking as well as basic team offensive and defensive strategies. Rules and strategies will be covered.

Yoga is a practice that has evolved over a period of approximately 5,000 years dealing with all aspects of health. The term yoga literally means union of mind and body. Throughout the semester, students will be introduced to the many different styles of yoga, focusing on a variety of forward bends, back bending and balancing postures.

109-103-MQ     1-1-1     1 cr.
Physical Education: Set 3
Physical Activity and Autonomy

(Prerequisites: 109-101-MQ, 109-102-MQ)
The third physical education course is aimed at integrating physical activity into the student’s daily lifestyle through more effective application of related personal factors (i.e. time management, motivation, nutrition needs, designing an exercise program) that contribute to continued participation. During scheduled course hours, the student will be introduced to new skills and concepts related to the specific activity chosen. The student is also expected to maintain regular physical activity outside class hours within a personal activity program under the professor’s supervision by applying the knowledge gained while integrating new course material.

Canoe Camping
The group activity portion of this course will consist of a three day canoe camping trip on local waterways using large ‘voyageur‘style canoes, with wilderness camping overnight along the way. Students will be involved with various organizational aspects of the trip such as purchasing food, planning and preparing meals, preparing and maintaining fires and filtering water.

No matter where you are, cycling is a great way to travel and at the same time, benefit from some fresh air and exercise. In this course we will start off with a couple preliminary outings that will take us into the Gatineau Park with a focus on bike selection, proper positioning and gear use. In addition, we will select, plan, and divide up some of the responsibilities for an overnight cycle tour in the region. Also, students will have planned and managed a personal activity of their choice in a health enhancing approach over the entire semester.

Exercise and Weight Training
Exercise and Weight Training will allow students to develop and use personalized resistance training and cardiovascular training programs throughout the course. Classes are in two hour weekly blocks that are broken down in to 75% workout/application and 25% lecture.

This course will allow students to discover the Gatineau Park through many of its hiking trails. Day hikes will take them to different areas of the park. Presentations will be made on topics such as First Aid, Nutrition, Water Treatment, Equipment and History. In addition to these topics, students will also be made aware of the geology of the park, local flora and fauna, environmental impact, safety considerations, appropriate clothing and footwear, and basic hiking techniques.

Multi Sports
This course will encourage students to assume more responsibility for directing and managing their own sport experience. Students will develop sport-specific techniques and fitness; appreciate and be able to execute sport-specific strategic play; share planning and administration of sport experiences; provide responsible leadership; and develop and apply knowledge about officiating, scorekeeping and training.

Outdoor Adventures and Meditation Retreat
This course will emphasize the importance of mind and body awareness through a broad range of activities which include yoga, meditation, relaxation, and massage therapy. In addition, hiking and orienteering in the fall or snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter at an outdoor facility, will complete the weekend outing.

Snowshoeing is a winter activity in which participants wear specially designed gear on their feet which distributes their weight, allowing them to walk more comfortably on the snow. Snowshoeing is an excellent low impact, cardiovascular workout. Students will explore different types of terrain and visit different cabins in the Gatineau Park.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)
Stand Up Paddling consists of paddling a large surfboard in an upright position with the help of a long paddle. It is an emerging activity with its origins in traditional surfing that offers a full body workout and is a fun and exciting way to play on lakes, rivers and ocean surf. This course will be offered over three weekend day outings. Paddling techniques, clothing, nutrition, etiquette, and environmental awareness are all included in this package.