Why Choose Us?

We offer a 3 year program qualifying graduates to write the provincial Registered Nursing exams.

Upon graduation you will be qualified to enter the workforce in Quebec as a nurse or continue your education for a baccalaureate degree with McGill University or other universities in Quebec.

We provide theoretical, laboratory and clinical experience in all the major fields of nursing from the newborn to the elderly, within hospitals, clinics and the community.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory, small classes and closely supervised clinical experience, beginning the first semester, cumulating in a preceptorship experience in the last semester, prepares you to assume the graduate role with confidence.

The preceptorship experience allows the student to assume the beginning graduate role under the supervision and guidance of a Registered Nurse as the student works along side the preceptor. At the completion of preceptorship, our students are often offered jobs.

Welcome to the program

Contact Cathy Dufour, Coordinator of the Nursing Department for more information.