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Program Competencies

A Nursing graduate will be able to:

  • Analyze the work function;
  • Develop an integrated perception of the human body and its functions;
  • Deal with a client's reactions and behaviour;
  • Refer to a conceptual nursing framework to define professional practice;
  • Use assessment and nursing care procedures;
  • Establish a helping relationship with the client, family or significant others;
  • Deal with social and cultural realities related to health matters;
  • Link immunological disorders and infectious processes to physiological and metabolic mechanisms;
  • Interpret a clinical situation by referring to pathologies and nursing problems;
  • Establish the links between pharmacotherapy and a clinical situation;
  • Teach the client, family and significant others;
  • Assist the client in maintaining and improving the client's health;
  • Adapt to various work settings;
  • Establish a collaborative relationship with members of the interdisciplinary team;
  • Intervene with hospitalized adults and elderly clients requiring medical-surgical nursing;
  • Use ethics and values of the profession to understand one's role;
  • Apply emergency measures;
  • Intervene with clients requiring nursing care in a perinatal setting;
  • Intervene with children and adolescents requiring nursing care;
  • Intervene with clients receiving medical-surgical nursing care in an ambulatory setting;
  • Intervene with clients requiring mental health nursing;
  • Intervene with adults and elderly clients with loss of autonomy who require institutionalized nursing care.


Heritage College Nursing graduates are qualified to write the required
licensing examinations administered by the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ).

In order to be registered in the Province of Quebec, you must demonstrate a proficiency in the French language. Students who obtained a Quebec Secondary V Certificate as of June 1986, or hold a bilingual certificate, are exempt from testing. The Office de la langue française will administer a test to students who do not meet the above criteria.

Career/Study Opportunities

Heritage College Nursing graduates can:

  • join an exciting, challenging and rewarding profession which is always in demand;
  • obtain a diploma (D.E.C.) in Nursing in three years and practice nursing after successfully completing the licensing examination;
  • continue on to university to obtain a baccalaureate in nursing;
  • work as nurses anywhere in Canada or the United States as well as many other countries of the world (upon meeting provincial and/or state licensing requirements).

Admission Requirements

For admission to the Nursing program, you need a secondary school diploma, PLUS

  • Physical Science 436
  • Chemistry 534**

**Offered at Heritage College as a complementary course until Fall 2010.

However, the College may admit a person who has received instruction which it considers equivalent

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