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Take the Stress out of Success in the Learning Centre

How The Learning Centre can help:
How The Learning Centre can help:

Consult the schedule of The Learning Centre (Room C-103).

Drop by with your assignments and questions and a teacher will help you find the answers you need to maximize your learning.

Workshops: English and Study Skills

Consult the schedule of English and study skills workshops (held in room C-107)

Study skills workshops are designed to offer practical assistance to brush up on the college level learning skills you need to succeed.

Learning Strategies Videos

Watch Heritage students talk about the following learning strategies:

Additional Resources:

Peer Tutors

Need help staying on top of things academically? Peer Tutors are here to help!

To get in touch with them, you can: email or call 819 778-2270, Ext. 1310.

The Peer Tutor course is a complimentary course designed to train students to assist their peers individually or in groups in program specific courses and general education courses such as English, French or Philosophy / Humanities both in the classroom and via The Learning Centre.

Peer tutors can help you gain confidence and improve your academic standing in your course and assist you to develop study strategies.

Guide to Writing Essays

The purpose of this guide is to present a comprehensive resource for students who need to write essays. The material contained in this guide is divided into the following sections:

Part 1 Definitions of Different Types of Essays - Know Your Task!
Part 2 Choosing a Topic
Part 3 Gathering Information
Part 4 Narrowing Down The Topic and Constructing a Proper Thesis
Part 5 Developing a Logical Argument
Part 6 Constructing A Working Outline for The Essay
Part 7 Writing the Essay

English Exit Exam

Information and preparation resources:

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