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Registrar's Office  

Registrar services include managing student records and a variety of related activities such as registration, scheduling courses and exams, processing course changes and/or withdrawals, honour roll, diplomas and transcript requests. The Registrar's office also manages and reports official statistics in accordance with Ministry of Education regulations and requirements.

Registrar: Kelly McMahon
Administrative Technician: Lynn Romain

Confirmation of Student Status

If you wish to have an attestation concerning your student status at Heritage College, contact Student Services.


The Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) is awarded by the Ministry of Education upon the recommendation of the College. However, they are not issued automatically upon completion of a program of studies.

If you are eligible for the DEC (i.e., are in your graduating semester or have already successfully completed the diploma requirements of your program), you must return a completed "Request for DEC" form to Student Services before November 1, for Fall semester graduation, or before March 1, for Winter semester graduation. Your request will be forwarded to your academic advisor for verification.

Honour Students

An honour student is a full-time student who, in a given semester, has followed a complete program of studies consistent with diploma requirements; has neither dropped nor failed a course in that semester, and who has attained a final average at the end of the semester of 80% or better.

A student graduating with honours is one whose average over all semesters is 80% or better. Students with averages between 80-89% will be considered to have graduated with distinction; those with 90% or over, with great distinction.

Students who graduate as honour students will be recognized at graduation when they receive their diplomas or attestations.


If you are successfully admitted to the College, you will be invited to register. You will have your course selections confirmed with the following:

  • personalized timetable
  • approval for entry into specific courses
  • I.D. card
  • locker
  • selection of physical education courses
  • computer user agreement.

You are not considered to be officially registered until you have completed the steps above.

Transcript Requests

Official transcripts (embossed with the college seal) are mailed directly to the educational institution or employer only. This request should be done three weeks in advance of the date on which the transcript is required.

Courses in progress at the time of the request will not be included on the transcript. Final transcripts will be send to universities and colleges as a result of requests initiated during the semester.

Students from 2009-present:

  1. Log into your Omnivox account.
  2. Go to the Document Request module.
  3. Select Official Transcript.
  4. Pay the transcript fee ($5 per transcript) by credit card on Omnivox or by cash in Financial Services (Room B104 – Monday – Friday 8:00-12:00 & 1:00-4:00).
  5. Print and complete the request form and submit it to Student Services (Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30).
  6. Complete steps 1-5 for each request.

Students prior to 2009:

  1. From the Cégep Heritage Colleges website, select Omnivox at the top of the main page.
  2. Under Students, select First Use.
  3. Enter the security code displayed in the text zone, your 7 digit student number, your permanent code, and your date of birth and complete the steps to set up your password.*
  4. Follow steps 1-5 above for each request.

* If you do not remember your student number or permanent code, please send an email to – subject line “Omnivox Access” - indicating your full name and date of birth.

Final transcripts will be sent automatically to universities and colleges as a result of requests initiated during the semester.

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