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Admission Requirements  

If you need more information, or have any questions, contact Student Services at
819-778-2270, ext. 1320.

Diploma of College Studies (DEC) Programs

For admission to a diploma of college studies (DEC) program, you need a Secondary School Diploma or a Secondary School Vocational Diploma or a Diploma of Vocational Studies awarded by the Minister.

Admission requirements to a Diploma of College Studies (DEC) program are as follows:

Québec Old Curriculum Québec New Curriculum
Secondary 5 English English 5
Secondary 5 French (second language) French 5
Secondary 4 Physical Science ST4 or ATS4
Secondary 4 Mathematics Math CST 4
Secondary 4 History of Québec and Canada History 4

Note: Some programs have specific admission requirements. Please consult the chat below.

Program-Specific Requirements

The following programs have specific admission requirement(s):

Program Code Program Title Ministry admission requirement
410.B0 Accounting and Management
CST5 or Math TS4 or SN4 or Math 436
420.AA Computer Science
Math TS5 or Math SN5 or Math 526
322.A0 Early Childhood and Care and Education
243.BB Electronics and Information Technology
CST5 or Math TS4 or SN4 or Math 436 and Science ST4 or ATS4 or Physical Science 436
430.A0 Hotel and Restaurant Management
Math CST4 or Math 416
700.BO Liberal Arts – without Math
Math CST 4
700.B2 Liberal Arts - with Math
Math TS5 or SN5 or Math 526
412.AB NewMedia and Publication Design
180.A0 Nursing - Priority given to applicants with 75% or higher average in Secondary 5, or most recent studies
Science STE4 or SE4 or Physical Science 436 and Chemistry 5
200.BO Science
Math TS5 or SN5 or Math 536 and Chemistry 5 and Physics 5
300.32 Social Science - Commerce profile
Math TS5 or SN5 or Math 526
300.31 Social Science - with Math profile
Math TS5 or SN5 or Math 526
351.A0 Special Care Counselling
Applicants may be required to submit a letter of intent and three (3) letters of reference.
414.AB Tourism
Math CST4 or Math 416
510.A0 Visual Arts

Heritage College may offer these courses or their equivalent during Summer School to assist students in meeting the conditions of admission.

STE: Science and Technology with Environmental Science Option.

SE: Applied Science and Technology with Environmental Science Option.

TS: Technical and Scientific Option.

SN: Science Option.

CST: Cultural, Social and Technical Mathematics Option

French Requirements

Under the College Education Regulations, students admitted to an English cégep are required to take two French-second-language courses at a college level of proficiency.


Students admissible to the College who are undecided or lack prerequisites for their program of choice are invited to enrol in the Springboard semester(s), depending on their individual needs. Upon successful completion, students are eligible to apply to the program of their choice.

The Springboard semesters are meant to offer a supportive framework of guidance and orientation to help incoming students increase their chances for success in college. Courses included are those common to all programs (which can be credited towards a Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in their program of choice) as well as make-up courses (which cannot be credited towards a Diploma of College Studies (DEC)).


Former Heritage students who have not been registered at the College for one or more semesters must re-apply for admission using the same procedure as a new applicant.


Transfers from Other CEGEPS
Students currently in the cégep system wishing to attend Heritage College must make a new application for admission (including the non-refundable, application fee) by the application deadline. Credits are transferable and will be applied to the chosen program, where appropriate, after an official transcript is received by Student Services.

Transfers from Other Post-Secondary Institutions
Students from other post-secondary institutions wishing to attend Heritage College must apply by the application deadline. Credits are studied after an official transcript, course description and a completed "Request for Equivalence" form are received by Student Services.

Attestation of College Studies (AEC) Programs - Continuing Education

The College Education Regulations governing CEGEPs state that an applicant who has received instruction deemed adequate by the college and who meets ONE of the following requirements may be admitted to a program leading to an Attestation of College Studies (AEC):

  • the person's studies have been interrupted for at least two consecutive terms, or one school year;
  • the person is covered by an agreement entered into by the college and an employer or by a government program;
  • the person has completed at least one year of full-time, post-secondary studies spread over a period of one year or more.

Some Attestation of College Studies (AEC) programs may have additional admission requirements. For more information, contact the Heritage College Continuing Education and Business Services.

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